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Three Stress Reduction Tips
April 4, 2013

Stress is the result of a real or perceived threat stimulating the fight-or-flight response.  This response is beneficial in a life or death situation, but not so beneficial in the average day.  In fact, it has negative implications on your overall health.

Below are three tips to help you manage stress:

Recognize triggers and plan for them:

Practice identifying different triggers in your life that causes you stress.  Start to identify ways to pro-actively plan for specific situations or start to alter your reaction to them.  For example if there are peak times at work that cause stress, change your mind set about it.  Practice telling yourself this is the normal pace for this time, stay calm, we always get through this, etc.  Recognize you cannot control everything in your environment only your reaction to them. 

Take time for yourself:

Exercise, meditation, and massage are not only important activities to give you a mental break and peace of mind, but they also teach you to recognize how your body should feel when it is not stressed.  The more your practice these activities, the more you are able to recognize when your body is becoming stressed and tensed which allows you to adjust your reaction to the situation.  This will help decrease the impact of stress.

Learn new techniques and skills:

Learning new techniques and skills can help reduce stress in your life.  Skills like conflict resolution or negotiation can help you work better with your colleagues.  Learning new computer software or management skills may improve your resume for your current or future employers providing a better sense of security.  Delegation skills can help you remove items from your plate and delegate to colleagues, family or service providers. 

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Human Resource Departments and Wellness Committees can share this and other articleswith your employees as part of your corporate wellness initiatives.  April is Stress Awareness Month.

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