Reduce Stress Headaches

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Reduce Stress Headaches
December 14, 2012

How do I reduce these stress headaches?  This is probably the most frequently asked question by our chair massage clients. 

Although you are experiencing pain in the head, the tension is probably starting in the mid-back or even as far as your hamstring muscles.  Sitting in the same position all day at work, while driving, and sometimes while at home creates an imbalance within your muscles.  

Then there's the way you carry your body throughout the day.  Are you wearing heels?  Do you have proper support?  Are you carrying a heavy bag or toddlers around?  Are you shifting your weight all onto one leg?  These all contribute to improper body posture.  

To counteract all this stress you are placing onto your body, start to weight train, practice yoga and receive regular massages.  Some stretches you can do at work or home include:

  • Tilt your head towards your shoulder and with your hand gently pull closer to your shoulder.  Repeat on the other side.
  • While sitting or standing - place the palms of your hands against your lower back and press against your back - feel the stretch across your chest.
  • While sitting straight visualize pulling your shoulder blades towards each other activating the muscle, increasing blood flow and helping it relax.
  • Place your palms against the wall slightly above your head, step back to flatten back and feel the stretch under your arms and upper back.
  • Stretch your hamstrings by extending one leg in front of your body with the heel to the floor and the toes flexed up, slightly bend the other knee and lower your hips while pressing back to feel the stretch in the back of the extended leg.
  • Stretch the front of your leg by standing next to a chair with your hand resting on the back for balance.  Bend one leg towards your buttocks and hold your ankle.  Keep your knees close together so you don't strain your back.  Feel the stretch in the front of your leg.  Repeat on other side.  You can also hold the ankle with the opposite hand for a different stretch.
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