How To Create A Blog

If you’re enjoying this blog and thinking of how to create a blog of your own, continue reading for some tips on how to quickly and easily start a blog.

Determine Your Niche For Your Blog

The niche for this blog is stress management for working women and men.  We’ve selected that niche because this is our client demographic for chair massage services.   Whether they use our services within their company for health fairs, corporate wellness programs, employee appreciation, corporate events or for personal events, they are looking for information and strategies to reduce their stress.

Other sites have determined their niche to be family, food, travel, photography, music, etc.  What is your niche?  You can determine this by thinking about what you are most passionate about.  What can you write a few blog posts a week about?

Select A Blogging Tool

WordPress is a very popular blogging tool.  This blog is set-up with WordPress.

Best Blog Hosting Website and Domain Registry

Finally, you will want to select your blog’s domain name and register it along with hosting your blog.  This blog is hosted by HostGator.  Setting up and hosting the blog was easy with this tool.   Go to HostGator to quickly host your own blog today.

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