Rolling Laptop Bags Reduces Backpain

rolling laptop bag reduces back pain

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So many of our clients complain about back pain – and after a few minutes of asking questions about their habits – we quickly identify one of the major culprits – the way they are carrying their bags.

A few tips to keep your back healthy:

Create balance – Don’t carry all your bags on one side of your body.   Carry a bag in each hand to keep the weight evenly distributed and prevent muscle spasms and imbalances causing chronic problems.

Use a back pack – Carrying a back pack keeps the weight closer to your core which places less stress on your body.  It also ensures even distribution of the weight – as long as you use both straps.

Use a rolling laptop bag – A rolling laptop bag keeps the weight off your body entirely.

It’s easy to find a stylish laptop bag.  There are many options on-line at sites like,, and more.  You can also visit your local Office Max or Staples.  Below are some of the stylish laptop bags we’ve found.

Rolling Laptop Bags With Detachable Tote

These are a great if you want versatility. You are able to quickly detach the wheels and have a stylish tote.

Rolling Laptop Duffle Bag Style

A duffle bag style of a laptop bag is a great option if you want to have more flexibility with the organization inside the bag. This style of bag will allow you to insert bulkier items such as a lunch bag, a small purse, etc.

Rolling Laptop Bags With Filing Organization

This laptop bag has many pockets and slots. If you’re looking for an organized space for everything. This is the style of laptop bag for you.

Backpack Rolling Laptop Bags

Maybe you are looking for something more casual and prefer a backpack look. This style of laptop bag is a great option allowing you the convenience of a backpack without the stress on the back.

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