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How To Design A Kitchen Command Center

How To Design A Kitchen Command Center

Organizing important papers and keeping the clutter in the kitchen under control seems to be a never ending quest.  To resolve this, an organized “command center” where everything is one place and everyone in the household knows where to place and find important papers is one solution that works for many homes.

But how do you design a command center for your home?  Read on to find some tips and solutions to design your own.  We’ve also included images for many other functional and decorative solutions we’ve found.


How To Design A Kitchen Command Center


Step One:  Identify Your Needs

Look around your kitchen and nearby rooms to determine what is “dumped” in that area and could use a home.  Consider the members of the household and their needs – do they need a mail slot or a basket of their own?  Also, considering mail slots or baskets, are there other categories that’d be helpful – magazines, coupons, etc.  What other items do you need a home for – family calendar, school schedules, important phone numbers, lists, keys, etc.

Step Two:  Determine Your Preferences

Do you want the space visible or tucked away unseen?  Do you prefer to have papers push-pinned, secured with magnets, etc. or do you prefer a neater look and would like to use a variety of picture frames to hold long-term papers. Do you want a system on the wall or do you prefer keeping things organized in folders?  It’s important to pick a solution that can be maintained.

Step Three:  Pick Your Design

Search for design ideas and where you can buy the items you need.  We have several ideas listed below to help you get started.


command-center-kitchen-command-center  Family-Kitchen-Command-Center-Frameskitchen-command-centerHow-to-Create-a-Kitchen-Command-Centerhidden-kitchen-command-centerkitchen command center counterkitchen-command-center-organization-command-center

command center launch padchildren kitchen command center


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