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Corporate Wellness Topics for Human Resources and Wellness Committees
March 29, 2013

Human resource managers and corporate wellness committee members are often looking for informative and educational topics to share with their employees.  Below is an outline of wellness topics to share with your employees.

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January - New Year’s Resolutions

Share most common New Year's Resolutions, Tips on keeping your resolutions, Set a company wide New Year's Resolution

February - American Hearth Month

Share articles on healthy heart tips, Watch for news features on the website from your local station to share with your employees, Start a walking program for heart health, Share tips on what to watch for in a heart attack for men and women
March - National Nutrition Month and Sleep Awareness Week

Share tips on what a healthy plate should look like, Share tips on nutritional needs for various ages, Share tips on how to achieve better sleep, Encourage everyone to go to bed fifteen minutes earlier than normal, Share tips on the impact of not getting enough sleep

April - Stress Awareness Month

Explain the effects of stress on the body, Share tips on how to reduce stress, Share tips on meditation, conflict resolution, and exercise for stress reduction

May – Arthritis Month, Meditation Month, Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, May 20th National Employee Health and Fitness Day

Share tips on how to reduce arthritis pain, Provide a meditation demonstration, Raise awareness about Fibromyalgia symptoms or how to manage an employee with Fibromyalgia, Hold a fitness day or event in the office

June - National Headache Awareness Week and Men’s Health Week

Share information on the various types of headaches and how to decrease them, Provide informative articles specific to men such as weight loss, strength training, prostate, etc.

July - National Grilling Month

Hold a company barbeque, Have a grilling contest, Share barbeque recipes

August - Back-to-School Planning

Tips on organizing the day to reduce back-to-school stress

September - Five A Day Month

Tips on how to increase fruits and vegetables consumption, Tracking tool to get in their five a day, Fill bowls with fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria or break rooms to encourage healthy eating

October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Massage Week

How to perform a breast exam, What to expect at a mammogram,  When should you have your first mammogram, Different massage techniques, Coordinate discount with local massage therapy provider, Have on-site chair massage

November - National Family Caregivers Month

Provide resources to help with aging family members

December - National Hand washing Month and National Sharp’s Injury Prevention Month

Article on the importance of hand washing, Hand washing techniques, Tips on how to properly lift, Proper workstation ergonomics

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