Benefits Of Chair Massage

Benefits Of Chair Massage At Work

The benefits of chair massage on your company’s wellness program, employee engagement and employee retention ensure it is a benefit worth investing in. Chair massage reduces stress levels, reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, sleep and flexibility.  Companies may find chair massage reduces absenteeism, improves retention & engagement and decreases health care costs.

Chair massage therapists use a specially designed chair taking the pressure off the lower back, opening up the neck, and relaxing the arms. Stress melts away the minute the employee sits on the chair. They know this is their time to relax and they look forward to how great they will feel after. They look forward to the reduction of muscle tension possibly causing headaches, teeth grinding, aching arms and hands. Research shows 71% of employees want stress breaks such as chair massage.

Chair massage is easy to set-up on a monthly or weekly basis, for your company health fair, or an employee appreciation event such as Customer Service Week, Administrative Professional’s Day, Nurses Appreciation, Teacher’s Appreciation and sales incentives. The chair massage therapist(s) each require a 4×4 area and a small table to set their supplies on. Popular locations to set-up chair massage are within a conference room, office, cubicle or a common area during large events like health fairs. Your employees can sign up in advance or can participate on a walk-up basis.

The length of the chair massage varies based on your company needs, time frame, and number of attendees. The benefits of chair massage are most realized in a fifteen to twenty minute chair massage, however five and ten minute chair massages are also very popular. We can provide one chair massage therapist or several to meet your event needs.

We can help you plan and organize chair massage services for your company or event.

Benefits of Chair Massage For Employees