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How I Got My Weekends Back

After a long week, I would spend my entire weekend cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and other errands.  I was exhausted, tired and felt taken advantage of.  I was feeling empty and deprived of time for myself.  Basically I was feeling robbed.

I dream of having the perfect house with everything in its place, but for now I’d just be happy with not having my house look like a tornado hit it every weekend.  And I’d also like to have a little bit of time to read a book, scrapbook or write.  You know actually feel like I had a weekend.

The first decision I made was to commit to doing a chore a day during the week instead of saving it all up for the weekend.  I created a chart of tasks I’d like to ensure I do every day and added an additional chore each day.  I print this out at the beginning of each week and place on my refrigerator.  Every day, I consult the list for the tasks I’ve assigned myself to do each day and enjoy checking them off as I complete them.

As I’m working on this new habit of doing a little bit more during the week, I’m learning my expectations of myself were a little too high.  I do not check off every item every day.  Often times, I find they don’t need to be completed on a daily basis.  I still keep all the task listed.  I like the daily reminder of the areas I want to see clean everyday.

On the weekends, I’m happy to see I only have an hour or two of quick clean-up around the house and I’m able to enjoy feeling like I have the time to spend time on other things I want to do.

How do you make sure you get to keep a little bit of fun in your weekend.


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