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Foam Rolling For Pain Reduction

Several years ago, one of our clients raved about the difference foam rolling was making for her leg pain.  We tried it out and have been hooked ever since.  Below are some instructional pictures and videos by bodybuilding.com we thought you’d find helpful.

Reduce Calf Pain (Great For Ladies Wearing High Heels)

foam rolling high heels calf pain reduction
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Hip, Leg and Back Pain Reduction From Sitting

This is a great exercise to reduce tension in the piriformis.  When this muscle is tight, it presses on the nerve and causes pain to radiate down the leg and into the back.

hip pain reduction stretch exercise
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Upper Back/Shoulder Blade Tension Reduction

This foam rolling technique will reduce the tension you feel between your shoulder blades which contributes to neck and shoulder tension.

upper back shoulder blade tension exercise stretch
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These are just a few exercises you can do to help keep your body tension and pain free.  There are several more exercises and instruction videos available on bodybuilding.com.



Of course another great option for stress and tension reduction is to have one of our therapists provide chair massage at your office.  Ask your HR department or wellness team to call us for a quote.

Best Sleep Position

We are often asked by our clients the best position for sleep.  We found an article written by Jonathan FitzGordon, In this article, the author explains the best positions for sleep.

best sleep position to avoid back pain chronic pain onsite chair massage


  1. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position.  It compresses the back.
  2. On the side with one leg hiked higher than the other.  This is also not an ideal sleeping position.  It twists and torques the pelvis.
  3. Sleeping on the back with both legs straight and without a pillow is a good sleeping position.
  4. Sleeping on your side with hips stacked is also a great sleeping position.

There you have it if you are looking for the best sleeping position – choose on your back or side sleeping with hips stacked.